Aug 04, 2016

NETSTOCK at Sage Summit 2016

NETSTOCK at Sage Summit 2016

Our crew here at NETSTOCK just wrapped up a successful and busy Sage Summit 2016. As many of you know, we go to market as Sage Inventory Advisor in the Sage Software world, delivering affordable inventory optimization by coupling with a wide variety of the company’s ERP offerings.

This was our fourth year attending Sage Summit, and this year’s trek to Chicago came with a big announcement from us and Sage. We have officially launched Sage Inventory Advisor Basics, a lighter version of our popular inventory application. This version is bundled with Sage’s new cloud ERPs, Sage 100c and Sage 300c, and it allows more Sage users than ever to access our smarter inventory replenishment app. It delivers visibility into what’s really happening in your warehouse, so you can minimize stock-outs, reduce excess stock, and produce optimal purchase orders quickly.

Over at The Inventory Advisor, our blog for all things Sage Inventory Advisor, we just posted a quick Q&A chat with Russ Graf, our vice president of sales in North America, about this year’s Sage Summit in Chicago. Check that out to hear more about the latest with our inventory apps, as well as the buzz around Summit.

Written by Barry Kukkuk

In 2010 Barry began his journey with NETSTOCK. His enthusiasm for Inventory Management and his strong belief in “all things Cloud” collided resulting in the release of the Inventory Management solution - NETSTOCK. Barry is the CTO at NETSTOCK, where he is responsible for all customer-facing technologies and systems that keep thousands of NETSTOCK customer instances working correctly.

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